A letter to my ex

Tom, I have things to say to you..Many many things! I am not coming at this out of anger because I was far to angry at you for many years. I can't let anger be the place where I am coming from here because anger is an emotion that I don't want in my life any more. I never told you how I felt because I was afraid of you but I am not afraid of you now. I want you to know the effect you had on my life. I will let Michael speak for himself as for me I will say what is on my mind and let the chips fall where they may.             You just don't get it do you Tom! You have permanently scared my life and you just don't get it. I have so many life consequences I have to deal all because you couldn't handle your life. At least when I was in a bad way I got help and I finally figured out why you were so pissed about that. You knew that if you went with me to couseling your secrets would come out and there would be nothing you could do about it and you didn't want that. Instead you divorced me in the worst way. You devestated my life without a second thought. But you know what? I am here and I am better and that is no thanks  to you. When all is said and done Tom I can honestly say that I am better than you and always will be!                       You didn't love or care for me while we were married! Now I can say with an honest heart that I could not care one tinkers damn about you. Nothing good will come from your mean evil heart. There is a special place in hell for people like you and there is a spit with your name on it when you go! You will roast  with all the cruel people in the world. I will be in heaven with mom and dad enjoying the wonderful afterlife I will have. I can honestly say that you deserve nothing less then bad in your life.                                              Me the person you threw away