A Huge Thanks

I wanted to take some special time today to say thanks to so many of the Mom's here at this site, and yes, those Mom's know who they are. I feel as though I live in their hearts, as they do in mine. No matter the reason, the season, the time of day, you have all in some capacity had the power to help me heal. I never saw it coming either, you guys are good!I still cry and it still hurts, but I try to focus mainly on my life today. It is such a fast life, and we all know time goes faster the older you get.Tina is so pretty and she is working through her issues daily. Hunter has appecia, his little head is going bald, but he laughs about it. He says he looks like his Papa. Makes us laugh.This April 8th it will be 4 years since MayLyn's induction into Heaven. That's four years closer to her for me.HAPPY EASTER~~~HAPPY EASTER~~~HAPPY EASTER~~~HAPPY EASTER~~~What I guess I wanted to say was, I miss all of you so much, but I will be okay. I only have the time to check my DS, I am really into my job right now. But I promised to set aside some time for here, it does my soul god to listen to you all. DS is just plain old GOOD Medicine!All my love, always here,JacquelineMayLyn's MommaPLH