A hug and a snickers bar

   Today was just a bad day... I don't really know why. Maybe I was just tired. But when I got to choir we had an adjudicator come in and work with us before state on the 6th. My throat was dry and my voice was going. I wasn't locking in notes and my section was just... Not good today. I was so frustrated with myself.
   Oh, and earlier in the day I kept getting all these weird texts from my mom that said 'sorry dad' and then just random letters. Turns out she had a low blood sugar and was asking me to help her or something. I was so pissed the entire day. I tried to talk to my councilor  about it but we ended up talking about horoscopes instead.
   So by 5th period I was worn out, tired and just sad. Drew asked me what was wrong and I gave him a sarcastic smile. He gave me a hug and tried to talk to me but I just couldn't do it. I don't want to be a burden to anyone..
   When I went to rehearsal I just wanted to have a little cry and go to sleep. I said my lines and walked off stage. Our director waved over to me and said, "You're not your usual energetic peppy self today." "Nope." I replied. He asked me if there was anything he could do and I said "Not really." He told me if he could help me with anything to not hesitate to ask. Then he asked me if I had eaten today. I shook my head and wanted to cry for some reason. I couldn't tell him I hadn't eaten anything for three days. He told me to go into refreshment storage and get a snickers bar. I found the box of candy that we only bring out for shows and grabbed one. It was the greatest thing I had ever tasted. I ate it slowly and began to cry. No one has ever done something so simple and so nice for me. I smiled, chewed and let the tears fall freely down my cheeks. When I finished the bar I was full. In my stomach and my heart.
   I texted Drew later and thanked him for being so nice today and apologized for being a dick. He pretty much said 'no problem' and 'I'm here if you ever want to talk'. I won't ever take him up on that offer.
  And I will close by saying; fuckin' David............