A Good Weekend Over All - Even With One IBS Episode

My husband and I enjoyed a nice long weekend together and we got to do our favorite thing, which is to rock climb.  My Fibro symptoms have been manageable lately and I'm optimistic. My hip joints have not been hurting like they used to, so perhaps I've turned a corner.
The only problem I had was yesterday afternoon when I had a bad IBS flare-up around 4 pm.  I had severe abdominal pain for about 3 1/2 hours, but then it finally subsided.  I have been trying VERY hard to stick to the IBS diet, so these episodes feel like a bit of a setback for me.  However, it's been a week since I had one, so in my book that's pretty good.  I am going to try to purchase some peppermint oil capsules, which I've read is a holistic way to treat the pain of IBS.  Apparently, it calms the digestive system.  It's certainly worth the try!
Peace and love! 



I have the scar tissue from the colon cancer surgery and it leaves me in such pain. I had the surgery in 02 and am now better able to cope with the resulting IBS symptoms and I seem to be managing better -- I\'m simply grateful for any of our good days!!

((hugs)) Patricia