A good day

Tpday is August 28th I have not wrote in this journal for awhile now.  This week has been a happy one for me.  I have been getting out of the house visiting and calling of friends well one in particular that I use to hang with alot.  I went to enroll in a computer class but I have to wait until Monday to sign up for the class I hope it is not full I need to learn about the computer I know how to type but I need to get into it more.  This weekend seems to be shaping up for a good one.  It is my BIRTHDAY WEEKEND and I am happy about that.  My brother is taking me to see the Color Purple and to a comedy show with my family so it seems like its going to be okay. My son did good in his grades except for one class and I am going to open house to talk to the teacher to see what can be done about it if she has tutoring for kids after school.  My days don't seem as boring because I go to therapy for my legs and now hopefully I'll be getting out to school and my day will be filled with something constructive.  I hope my happiness will last for a good while if not I'll have to find something else.  Peace and Blessings