a general update

hi-i had this all typed out long and just when i was about to hit publish, i clicked adriana's name on accident, and it deleted my post. so this is the short version.1. medicaid is back as of the 1st. i have a new doc. i haven't made an appointment yet.2. bethel is starting to come together. my transcript will be mailed monday. i have to take the act because i never took a 100 level or higher math class. i'd appreciate some help with the math and/or science portion, even if i have to e-mail back and forth with a few of you. i take it on the 24th.3. bryan's signing up for the national guard. he'll do basic training this summer, then work on a base one weekend a month and for two weeks in the summers for six years. i'm proud of him, happy for him, and scared for him. please pray that he stays safe this summer and in the coming years while he's on base. he wants to be a military police officer to supplement his law schooling. he's deciding between a prosecutor and a lawyer.-fallon