a fun wintery nature day! :) birds, squirrels, snow!!! :) new nature pictures! :)

It's a fun-day monday, as we gear up, for wildcard weekend! :) We're keeping cozy warm today, as it's very cold wintery day, with the windchills gonna be below 10 degrees tonight! oh my! it's a great day to keep warm. :) i'm doing so well, with my healthy eating, and exercising :) today, i went outside for 2 nature walks, did some stretching, lifted weights, and i'm continuing to eat healthy well balanced meals :) i'm very proud :) i've been drinking lots of water today too :) i put extra goodies outside for our nature animal friends :) i took some cool new nature pictures to share :) our nature animal friends were going wild gathering goodies :) it was an awesome weekend :) i'm very happy and excited about lots of great things :) i'm having a wonderful writing week :) i'm so excited also, it's wildcard week! :) The wildcard playoffs matchups are all set! :) Congrats to all of the teams who made the playoffs :) It's time for some PLAYOFFS FOOTBALL!!! :) The Redskins will be hosting a playoffs game at their home stadium, Redskins vs Packers, on sunday, at 4:40pm :) oh yeah!!! :) it's gonna be a classic, playoffs showdown!!! :) i'm so pumped up, and beyond thrilled! :) It's on! it's on! :) the playoffs are gonna be rocking and rolling!!! :) Holly and i are planning an awesome Redskins playoff party next sunday, all day! :) It's gonna be so much fun, cheering and cheering! :) my Redskins are playing super good, and are doing awesome! :) i'm so excited for them and their opportunity :) They are 1 of 6 teams in the NFC, who will be playing for a spot in the superbowl 50! :) wow!!! :)Go Redskins! :)HTTR! :) Hail Victory! :) i'm gonna be super excited all week, 6 days until the big game! :) it's gonna be thrilling! :) tomorrow's sweet treats tuesday!!! :) We're going to mcdonalds to get some treats :) We had snow flurries here today! :)
Hi angel friends! :) Warm cozy friendship hugs, on this sweet day to begin the new week :) my family and i hope everyone is doing well, and enjoying a great day! :) i bundled up warmly this morning, and put lots of goodies all around our yard, for our nature animal friends :) They were so excited to gather some goodies this morning :) i love to put extra goodies outside, for the birds and squirrels this time of the year, as it's gotten very wintery cold outside, and could be single digits windchill temperatures tonight. brrrrrrr! we're keeping cozy warm. :) i bundled up nicely for my nature walks today :) We're enjoying a nice monday, easing into the new week :) i'm so happy and excited, about lots of great things :) writing joys, ordering some cool items on amazon, and doing really well, with my healthy eating, and exercising :) it feels good to be on a nice good balance, and continuing to blossom into the new year :) it was a great weekend, and the awesome wildcard week of the football playoffs season has arrived :) the big countdown to the games has began :) it's gonna be so nice, and an awesome joy cheering! :)
COOL SPECIAL NEWS TO SHARE! :) i've been continuing to do really well, with my healthy eating, and exercising to begin the new year, fresh, and anew :) i'm really proud of how well i'm doing, and have gotten into a great balanced zone, and healthy track, with both my eating habits, and exercising habits too :) i love it! :) it feels good, to be taking good care, and getting enough rest too, and keeping paced with my days :) i've been having some wholesome snacks, during snack time, i love grapenuts cereal, with raisins :) i've been drinking more water, and eating more fruits and vegetables :) i've been cutting back on the sugar. i'm feeling healthier, and the better eating, has helped me with my energy too :) it's a great start to my new year goal, to becoming healthier :) thank you all for cheering me on, and for giving me strength, and hope :) i'm so happy and excited, and i look forward to keeping everyone updated on how i'm doing, and i love cheering you on, with your goals :)
i wanted to share with everyone :) for Christmas, i recieved some nice amazon gift cards :) i love amazon, and browsing around on there :) it's lots of fun :) i have ordered 3 items so far, with my amazon gift cards. :) i ordered, a new dvd, "Star wars, episode 1", i also treated myself, to a cool new, "the walking dead, mousepad" for my desktop computer, and i also treated myself, to a brand new collectible Redskins pin :) i'm very excited about these nice items i bought on there, and i still have some really nice amazon dollars to enjoy, to buy more items :) i'm thinking of buying another movie, and also some more collectible funko mystery minis that i love to collect :) they are fun to collect, and displaying them here in my computer room :)
THE PLAYOFFS ARE HERE!!! :) Congrats to all of the football teams, who have made the playoffs :) it's a wonderful honor, and exciting joy, to be in the playoffs :) 32 teams begin the season, only 12 teams (6 in each conference) make the playoffs :) i'm beyond thrilled, and excited, that my favorite team, the Washington Redskins, are in the playoffs, and have a great opportunity, to go all the way! :) it's gonna be so much fun cheering :) yesterday, the regular season completed, and now all of thre playoffs matchups are set :) There's awesome matchups, that are gonna be so exciting to watch, and cheering :) in the AFC, the Patriots and Broncos have first round byes, and in the NFC, the Panthers and Cardinals have first round byes :)
The Wildcard weekend matchups are, saturday's schedule, #6 Steelers vs #3 Bengals, and #5 Chiefs vs #4 Texans :) sunday's schedule, #4 Redskins vs #5 Packers, and #3 Vikings vs #6 Seahawks :) wow! :) These are classic matchups, i can't wait!!! :) i've been talking with my family, Holly, and friends about how excited i am, for the big games, i'm so pumped up! :) Holly and i are planning a special Redskins playoffs wildcard party on sunday, all day, counting down to their big game :) the winners of the wildcard matchups, advance to the divisional round :) it's so exciting, and i'm so happy and thrilled, about the Redskins being in the playoffs :) It's gonna be such a fun, and exciting playoffs season :) my family and i love football, and we have lots of friends, who love football too, and it's gonna be so much fun, celebrating the playoffs :) Good luck to all of the teams! :)i've been reading up, on some Redskins news, and football news, and i also want to tune into some Redskins radio shows on espn980 this week :) it's gonna be awesome! :) the Playoffs are here, and it's the countdown to Superbowl 50! :)
We're enjoying a nice peaceful day :) my family and i are doing well, and are in great spirits :) today for lunch, i enjoyed a baked sweet potato, and spinach, and string beans :) lunch was delicious! :) i enjoyed a 2nd nature walk today, we had some nice snow flurries here, it looked really cool :) i've been listening into some espn sports talk, and spending time here on ds, writing to friends :) it's a nice start to the week, and new year :) we're looking forward to going to mcdonalds in the morning to get some treats :) we love sweet treats tuesday :) Thank you angel friends, so very much, for all that you do for us :) You all are wonderfully nice, and sweet :) We deeply appreciate everything, with all of the love of our hearts :) BIG GROUP WARM COZY FRIENDSHIP HUG :) There's many more great things to look forward too, with family, friends, and nature :)
-never lose hope :)
To Wildthing, Peaceful Gentle Moments of the day :) Wildthing, it's a nice day, exercising, enjoying some nature walks, and excited for the big football games :) Thinking of you, our dear friend :)
my mom says hi :) She says, "i hope everyone is enjoying a really good day" :) awww! :) We love you all lots and lots, our sweet dear friends :) We hope everyone is doing well, and enjoying a great day :) The new year is beginning so nicely, and there's lots of great spirit, and excitement in the air :) We're looking forward to going to mcdonalds to get some treats :)
NATURE WILD!!! :) i enjoyed 2 awesome nature walks today :) it was very active in our yard, with many birds, and squirrels visiting :) i saw about 7 or 8 squirrels visiting ,it was amazing! :) we had nice snow flurries, it was snowing a good amount for a good hour :) i was bundled up warmly. i love my nature walks, and i'm so excited to share some new nature pictures :) i've been getting lots of enjoyment, from my nature walks, seeing lots of awesome nature, and also getting good exercise :) Happy nature smiles :)
woodpecker :)

Mr. Nut Squirrel :)

Sparrows :)

It was snowing during my mid-day nature walk :) 

Cool items i'm ordering on amazon :) i'm so happy and excited! :) for Christmas, i recieved some very nice amazon gift cards, and i've began to order some items on there :) it's so much fun, browsing around on there :) i have some pictures here, of the items i've ordered so far :) i'm so thankful, to be able to purchase these awesome items :)
i bought this cool collectible Redskins pin on amazon, to add to my collection :) this will be my 45th pin, in my collection :)
i bought this awesome, "the walking dead" mousepad on amazon, for my desktop computer :)
i bought this cool, "star wars, episode 1" dvd set on amazon. :) this dvd completes my star wars movies collection :) it arrived today! :)
i'm pumped up and excited, for the Redskins big wildcard playoffs game next sunday :) Redskins vs Packers is a classic matchup :) Go Redskins! :) Hail Victory! :)



Hi Chris Glad you and your family are having a nice day and start to your week. You\'re sure are excited about all the playoff games.You\'re a real fan. So happy to hear you\'re doing so well with your healthy eating.That\'s great. I enjoyed your nature photos and the pictures of the fun items from Amazon Thanks for all my nice hugs today.Have a good evening Hugs to all there-Stephanie

HI Chris Yesterday was amazing watching all the games and my Steelers made the playoffs. We really didn\'t hold much hope that the Jets would lose and still can\'t believe that it happened.

You guys got snow too. WE have about an inch on the ground. Like there it is super cold here this evening and the windchills could go below zero overnight. Winter is definitely letting us both know that it is here!! And the strange thing is that over the weekend it is supposed to be almost 50 degrees here and rain. At least it is not snowing. Rain I can handle.

I loved the pictures of the birds and the squirrel. They are so cute. And also congratulations on all your healthy habits that you have adopted. That is so great that you are doing so well at taking care of yourself.

Have a good evening and give your furry friends a great big hug from Mya and Abby and Allie. They don\'t like the cold weather and were actually shivering when they cam in this evening. I felt so sorry for them.

Let\'s go Redskins and Steelers. All the way to the superbowl. That would be so awesome if we were competing against each other in the superbowl.

LOve you--JOhn Debbie Mya Abby and Allie

Hello chris,Holly and family
Glad your staying warm and cozy and getting excited about Washingtons Sunday game!! Woot.
Cute little critters getting there treats and eats on!!
Cool star wars video. I know you will enjoy it.
Enjoy your evening. Leftovers for dinner. and snows still here on our ground. Much love/blessings and greenies

sounds like you\'re really sticking to your healthy routine! i know how much it helps to stay fit and eat all the good foods! stay warm:) love to all:)