A Fun 4th of July

Well, I surely hope everyone had a great holiday yesterday!  Mine....well, actually it was better than I had thought it would be.  My husband once again showed me what a trooper and and angel he is. We opted to leave the house around noon and head to downtown Norfolk.  They've had things going on since Friday afternoon there and the park is newly rennovated, so we were sure there would be plenty to do.  We went to the mall first, just to walk around in some AC before hitting the heatwave outside.  Two of our friends texted us and decided to come down.  Well...we should have known better.... They met us at the mall, grouched almost the entire time about being bored, so we decided to head down to the park.  Well, though it wasn't as hot as usual yesterday it was still quite humid.  Ian (my hubby) kept asking when I needed to eat.  He's so used to my schedule, with my meds and when I need to have something in my tummy before I start feeling sick.... Well, seeing as how I was unable to eat anything at the park, we decided to go to Hooters where I could have a salad....it's our usual fallback for when other foods are not an option.  This didn't sit well with our friends, who never have money, but is that our fault?  In any event, Ian put his foot down and said we were going over for lunch, they could join us or not (but he made it clear he was not paying.)  For once I didn't even feel guilty for disrupting everyone else's schedule.  Too bad for them.  I suppose my family is right when they say that sometimes I have to be selfish (which is all fine and good, but when I was made to go to treatment for the tranpslant list I wast old that 'alcoholism is a selfish disease' so I got into the habit of feeling guilty and not wanting to be selfish.  Sometimes that's just a bunch of balogna and I do what I need to do.   Anyway, they bailed on us shortly after lunch, and to be honest, Ian and I spent the rest of the day and night having a great time...we took pictures, we had some really good laughs....there was no tension whatsoever and I'm so happy we had a great holiday.  I guess maybe sometimes I have to forget that I'm ill while still remembering to do what I need to do to take care of myself.   I don't know if that makes any sense, but it does in my little world :) Hope everyone else had a great holiday as well!  Take care and God bless :)



Good for you! You know what they say....\'sometimes less is more\'.
Isn\'t being selfish on occasion a wonderful feeling!!!!