A fairly good day

It has been a hectic last few days.  My granddaughter, her friend, dad, and soon to be step-mother arrived on Friday.  On Saturday my DIL took the girls to the Calgary Stampede - in the evening the girls went to see Katie Perry.  Cevyn's friend is Korean so she quite enjoyed the Western theme.  We were lucky to be downtown in time to see Aboriginal dancers in their regalia.  The outfits were phenomenal.  At the end, they invited the audience to join in a Friendship dance.  We had a great time.  Yesterday my son drove down to get Tiina and stayed for supper.  We had a lovely time.  We did another tapas party complete with Sangria. 
Andrew and Tiina went home and the rest of the family went visiting some of Harvey's relatives today.  I can honestly say, I am happy for the peace and quiet!
It is a very hot day today (for Calgary) 30C or 90something Fahrenheit. I think summer has finally arrived!!
So for a Green Smiley Monday, it isn't so bad.
Thanks for all the support last week when I bottomed out for awhile.
Have a great week!