A & E Intervention Program Link To Scam

Queen of cheap strikes again... I often enter things here I have written to someone or that I have written in discussion posts... so re games people play post this morning I don't know so much about amusement... I worry about viruses and money hustles... I got a few of those during these last desperate months while I was trying to get help for my daughter... Where there are people dying there are always vultures... I want to share one with yall so if you ever get in my position you'll know about them... I was desperate to get help for Cara so I tried to contact A&E intervention program... there was a link there I clicked on for ARI... so I write a letter and I call too... I was so desperate... nice young man calls back... listens to my sad story... oh yeah we can help but you'll have to front $5,900.00 plus expenses... If I'd have had that kind of money folks I'd have quit my job and kidnapped my daughter and we'd still be in a mountain cabin somewhere... alive and together. I used to wish so hard that I had the money to do that... Many folks think what they'd do if they won the lottery... that is what I'd have done... now I don't even buy lottery tickets because money won't help me now.