A day like most others.

Today was a day like most others....
She sensed I was upset about something last night and instead of inquiring about it AFTER her client left she got upset herself. Refused dinner and put my pillow at the foot of the bed, which I took as a sign that she wanted me on the couch so I out her dinner on the bed, grabbed my pillow and left the bedroom. I cleaned the kitchen and watched a movie with the baby. Woke up this afternoon and she still has n attitude. The dinner was untouched and she walked right out the front door ignoring me. I asked her a few questions which she didn't even acknowledge and I even sent one of the kids out the door to ask her what's up.... She sent him back.

Now because we have not spoken I can only assume one of two things :

1. She is still upset about last night which seems foolish to me because I try to make an effort not to go to bed mad, let alone wake up upset about something that happened yesterday because in just this short month and some change many people I know have not lived to see today. I know I am not perfect and that was something I struggle with but I have actually been working on a lot of things to help better myself lately.
2. She read my journal entry from last night when I was talking about how I felt about the situation at hand and she took offense to it. Now she is the one that pointed me into the direction of this site because as I stated previously I have a lot I need to work on but had issues opening up about it so I came here and have been trying to improve myself. I don't really have any friends so I have started using my journal here to just open up, think "out loud", vent and release but the issue is that she is here also so from time to time she will read my posts and get offended by them. For the most part it has been somewhat helpful to us as a couple because it opens communication. I am able to speak freely and get things off my chest and she can choose when, where and if she wants to know what I have to say. Situations like this make it counter productive when she takes offense to what I say and instead of addressing things she just starts to ignore and avoid communication with me and the kids so no one knows what's going on.