a cry for help

i am not doing to good tonight. i seen my counselor today and she had told me she don't think it is working between us. i am afraid she don't want to see me anymore. and it is all my fault. she said i was not opening up enough, i feel like i have but i don't think there is anything i can do to change it. i don;t think i can handle it anymore. i am so depressed tonight. i have not been able to handle much after this last rape. i need help on what i should do next. i tried to go to counseling but its not working, i am just afraid i am going to do something to hurt myself, that is how bad it is.



Hun you have ptsd because of the rape. You do need counseling and also some meds can also be useful if you haven\'t seen a psych dr yet, consider it.
I think your therapist is letting you know that she wants to help you and to make sure that your therapeutic relationship is helping you. If it isn\'t then you need to tell her. If you think it is, then tell her that though you are having problems opening up right now that you may need help in this area.

Perhaps the reason you are afraid to open up is that you sense you don\'t have enough coping skills to deal with the painful feelins and feeling vulnerable that can come up in therapy. That is an area you can work on with her, using cbt or dbt perhaps.