A couple bad day/good day flukes

Thursday was my Boyfriend's birthday, and I had the HARDEST time EVER getting motivated to put a smile on my face for him and have fun. I was so tired and unhappy that day I think I could have stayed in bed all day. But I didn't, and it was somewhat fun, so it was nice to be forced to do something.
Friday was alright, I just keep waking up feeling sad.
Saturday I usually have good days because I go to work and that usually helps me feel better. But not this week. I felt awful, I wanted to just lay in bed and cry, but I couldn't. I think the kids I teach picked up on it. I've been crabby with them lately and it really isn't fair to them. I avoided going over to my boyfriends place to help him with his bday hangover from Friday night, that I did not go to. I had this OVERWHELMING feeling like he probably had the best time getting plastered with beer (I can't have) without me, and he was tired on his birthday so I felt like maybe he thought what we did was lame. I kept thinking it was just me feeling like that and I am crazy for thinking that, but I couldn't stop. So I just avoided him thinking that feeling would go away, was I right? No!
Sunday, I went to see him and it came out. And he SLAPPED me straight across the face, for even thinking that he didn't have fun with me on his birthday. He was apauled I would think that. Yet, he hit me. He's never done that before, that hard. it hurt. badly. He has softly slapped me, like stop it you are being silly. And the whole thing scared him just as much as me, he didn't mean to hit me that hard. BUT What do I do? DO I run away because my bf hit me? or do I keep it in perspective? Is that stupid to do when it involves hitting?
Monday was terrible, I felt like crap about the slap thing and the fight with my bf ALL DAY, then I had to work and that usually helps, it did a little, but not a lot. I went to say hi to my bf hoping we could get past all that above and it was fine. We are both soooo stressed out and tired and he is so busy working on getting his Master's Degree in design that its just nuts. We both feel like the other is in the way of each other getting through life right now. Which is really a good thing. I worry that I am keeping him from focusing as much as he should be on school, and he worries that he is keeping me from really focusing on being healthy. So we are just simply wanted the best for each other. Why can't we trust each other that we are supporting each other not hurting one another?
Today sucked, until I went to work. Which I really didn't want to go to, but I went. Children make the world a better place, I swear. I wouldn't have been able to smile all day if it weren't for their happy faces. They were amazing today and I just love the hugs they so willingly give out. It is truly special.
Here's to me moving on each day, with as much umphf as I can find, which doesn't seem to be a lot these days...