A Cage

Get away For I might snap any moment Kill you and make it look like an accident No stay My angry self needs appeasement.. Or.. walk away againThere is not but blood That can make it fade.. The boiling rage They say it is not but a faze They say it's coming to an end "Me, it may craze." is a whisper I send Eyes filled of despair, fright and dread Crouching in a cage out of sight Trembling, cold feet and cold sweat A never ending haze.. anger, so red so bright  So bright I cannot forget Help me..? Help me! "Stay.." I start to reach outBut my hand.. moves not fartherFor that cage.. Built of mistrust Was hard to break down.. So I sit down and hug myself Waiting.. Waiting for assurance, ease and courage.. How long am I to wait..? Help me! No.. get away.