A Brotherly Visit

Friday, August 14, 2009 – 9:25 A.M. Yesterday was one for the books. Based on the way things went Tuesday and Wednesday, yesterday could have been bad, but it turned out to be okay. I could actually say that it was good, but I don't want to ruin my reputation by admitting that I really do have a positive side now and then.   My brother came to see me during the morning. He got here around noon, which was half an hour late, but even that was not too bad for him. I had to take into consideration the fact that he got lost two times while driving here. I was somewhat surprised by this because I have been living here throughout the past four years. One would think that he might know the way after this length of time.   He spent 3 1/2 hours with me. I think both of us enjoyed his visit. He even said that he wanted to come see me at least once a month. Boy, is that ever a change from the way he used to be before we had family counseling. I'm still pinching myself to make sure it wasn't a dream.   Somehow, we began talking about vacations, and I remembered that Dale (my mental health therapist) suggested that the next time I saw my brother I should drop some large hints to my brother regarding my need to have a vacation with the hope that he would volunteer to help me financially. To my utter amazement, he did just that.   My brother asked me where I would like to go. I said that I had four places in mind that I wanted to visit before I died -- not that I'm planning on dying anytime soon. He asked me where they were, and I told him Las Vegas, New Orleans, Montréal, and Hawaii. I had something specific that I wanted to do in each of the places with the exception of Hawaii. We talked about it for a while, and he suggested that I plan on taking a trip to Las Vegas within the coming year. It was my understanding that he was willing to pay for all of it. That was hard to turn down, which I did not do anyway.   While he was here, and throughout the rest of the afternoon after he left, my telephone seemed to be ringing continuously. It got to the point that I was tempted to disconnect the phone. One person called to set up an appointment with me so that I could have a wheelchair evaluation, and actually get some repairs made to my chair. Another call came from a medical supply distributor, which was good because I need some new supplies. The director of nursing for my home healthcare agency called and wanted to come see me tomorrow morning. I told her that I had an appointment, but would be glad to see her after I got home. She also wants to talk with me about what happened when they saw the CNA who no longer works for me. The last call I received was a complete surprise. It was from Dr. Martin, my psychologist. I think that she just wanted to make sure that I was doing okay after the events of this week. She also wanted to know whether I had been able to get my lock my front door changed. I said that my brother had tried fixing it, but could not do it because he was not very mechanically inclined -- and never has been.   This morning I am going to have a wheelchair seating evaluation. My physical therapist had wanted me to do this, but I have managed to put it off for some six months. I hope no one needs to contact her, because I fear that she may have forgotten who I am by now.   I'm still having a lot of back pain, which probably has something to do with my lack of sleep. When I saw my primary care physician last week, he increased the amount of pain medication that I can take each day. I am trying to get by without taking any more than I usually do, but I'm beginning to think that is not the smartest thing in the world for me. As he has told me time and time again, if I need the medication, then I should take it.   I want to thank everyone here for the nice comments they made in response to some of my journal entries in the last couple of days. I am going to try and make comments to them during the weekend. If something happens, and I am unable to get around to it, I want everyone to know that I'm very thankful for their concern about me.  



Glad things are looking up a bit for you. Go Ahead and plan that wonderful dream vacation. Many hugs and wishes-Stephanie

Hey ! Really cool avatar !
And....those smiles are warming up. Gotta love that, too.

Isn\'t life fascinating.
I am so glad you had a \" good \" time with your brother.
You sure are the man of the hour.
Vegas sounds positively awesome.
Will your brother be going with you ?
It is good that you dealing with the wheel chair situation.
I feel sad when I hear about how much pain you experience.
Your doctor is right about the pain meds.
However, I do understand your caution in this area.

Don\'t worry about commenting on friends journals...relax.
We love you anyway.
Make it easy on yourself.

Vegas....wooooo hooooooooooo.

Hey, where is the Weebs ??

I still have to get caught up on the rest of your journal but WOW. A couple things really stood out for me here.

One is that you didn\'t refuse the trip. Way to go!

The other is your brother being late. I had a person in my life who was always late. Not just a little late, either. It would drive me mental. My therapist pointed out that being late is a sign of ADHD and also a way to gain control. I figured out that for this person, it was both. Then I was able to practice compassion instead of getting angry. The anxiety surrounding this person was incredibly high. I would hate to have to cause chaos like that everywhere I go and constantly feel like I\'m making others angry.

What a great journal entry. Lots of progress. Perhaps all the hard work you\'ve done has finally paid off?

Here I am. Late. Had stuff to work on.

Hmmmmmm... I don\'t see Pittsburgh on that destination list. LOL!

Great journal Jim. I know how you feel about taking the drugs too. With your possible propensity for addiction, it is risky. On the other hand being in constant pain brings a whole load of other junk to a body.

You have enough to deal with.

As to your brother being late. He\'s not getting any younger either; keep a little watchful and make sure it\'s not a symptom of something. If it is, there isn\'t anything you can do about it so then you know it\'s not you.

And even if it \'is you\' it isn\'t. We all know he has stuff to work on too.

Hugs and Mojo

I am glad to see you had a good visit with your brother. Sorry I am a little late in getting to your journal. I hope things have been going good for you this week. I will not be back on the net until Weds. I am taking a few days off for my birthday.