A Bit Of This & A Bit Of That

Things have been pretty good most of the time but today I just felt like I needed to get some things down in print.
When the reflexologist I was seeing just up & left the business I panicked & couldn't begin to think how I was going to replace him.  I mean reflexologists can be a dime a dozen but the skills they actually have are another thing.  Stefan was super experienced in Eastern medicine & beyond reflexology did Reiki, Body Talk & several other practices.
Well I lucked out - the clinic did get someone to replace him, someone who knew Stefan really well.  This guy (Matthew) is unbelievable.  When I arrive we talk for a bit, then start with a deep breathing meditation, then reflexology, then Reiki & the other day he did this Crystal Bowl Attunement therapy.  It's a practice where special types of crystal bowls of various sizes are used to help your body adjust it's natural bio electrical rhythms to be in better balance hence affecting your overall well being.
After Stefan left I did try another clinic for reflexology & for one hr it was $60.  Matthew, for all he does for me, charges $45 & it's a little over an hr.
I'm sure if there were alot of people that read my journal alot would think I'm a bit weird (thank goodness not too many people read my journal) but this monthly treatment always acts as a fine tuning & just really keeps me on the right path to wellness.
Christmas will soon be upon us & I find myself wanting to do way more then usual for the underprivileged around my life.  It's way more then usual somehow & at first it puzzled me but I have to admit it sure feels good.  I wonder if I maybe had some gentle nudgings from our Lord.
I did 2 shoe boxes for Operation Christmas Child, where you take shoe boxes, pick a girl or boy & an age group, then buy stuff for the shoe box.  They are distributed to suffering countries around the world where kids might not ever have Christmas.  I did a girl & a boy & it's so much fun.  I got soap, pencils, notebooks, pencil sharpeners, candy, some balls, small toys & a few other things.  I'll post a pic soon.  This is put on by the Bill Graham Foundation.
And, our biggest Christian Bookstore is having an underwear drive in December for the city's biggest Mission.  People so often bring clothes which is fine of course but people need clean underwear also & no one ever thinks abt that so today I picked up some mens & ladies to take down.
I also gave money at the church last Sunday to put towards food for the city's soup kitchens/missions.
I still sure wish there was more I could do but I guess who knows right, you never know what might cross your path, maybe more good I can do.
I'm still having some energy issues & sleep issues but not as bad.  Matthew & I talked abt that & I think he focused his treatment on that too.  I've finally gotten to a place where I'm not kicking myself on days I just can't function too well.  I'm accepting it (SO FAR) & not letting it frustrate me, at least not too much.
Well I think thats it for now.  To those who might take the time to read this, I love you dearly for that, may our Lord grace your life with his goodness.



It\'s always nice to find the perfect person to help you but when they up and leave. It certainly messes you up. Glad you were able to find another reflexologist. I\'m glad he is helping you out.
I think it is wonderful that you are getting involved with the Bill Graham Foundation. Children from all over the world will have the chance of having a Christmas. A shoe box is a great idea.
Sorry you are still having problems with your energy. But as you said. Hopefully this Matthew guy can help you out.
Thinking of you always.
Hugs Nance

It sounds like you are focused on getting better and have someone to help you to see it happen, that is great. And how wonderful it feels to help someone in need. I have been able to do small things like that in the past myself it just feels right so to speak. This year we have been hit hard ourselves so I havent been able to do everything I would like. When the time comes again that I can do it I will. My dream has always been to have a way of just doing random things for people in need. Someday .... Bless you for your kindness
Hugs Gaynell

I am thrilled that you found some one you like!! That makes all the difference in the world. I pray he will continue to be help to you.
You have a gentle giving nature Your a giver already and I am sure God is smiling down from Heaven on you. You grace yourself with so much love that your beauty just shines like the morning sun, you are so gentle so loving and kind. You mean the world to me. I would be lost with out you my dear. I love you. Hugs, frieda

I love the shoebox project too. We did one boy box this year with Awana and my son and I really enjoyed it. It was so fun picking things out. I found some nice ways to incorporate Christ messages into the box, like a card game with Jesus cards. = ) I think it\'s great that you feel encouraged to do things in mission for others, I know what you mean, I\'ve been feeling that way too. Sometimes it\'s good to just ask God to show us someone and let it take its natural course. In other words, we might not need a sign up sheet, just being willing is enough. I\'m so glad you found Matthew so quickly! I don\'t think it\'s odd at all that you find this so helpful. Acupuncture is that way for me. Keeps me on track. I\'m just glad you found something that is working for you. Lately I\'ve given up beating myself up when I can\'t do a long list of things during the day. Sometimes our #1 task should be rest/recovery and such! haha What do you think about that???
love ya! michelle