A better day

Felt alot better today and more relaxed,i often do after my councelling ,it really helps to go into the depths of me and putting it all on the table ,no dirty remarks to that please .........well go on then !!.I went to the beach and really enjoyed the sea air and the peace,the dogs loved it aswell playing tug of war with a stick ,it was funny.i never threw a stick in the water for them this time as last year i did it and he couldnt see the stick and swam right out to sea and i couldnt see him ,he was away about 20 minutes and i was hysterical screaming for him ,what a releif when i spotted his little head amongst the waves and he got to land safely. Im Working next 2 nights ,but i appreciate my  spare time now and make the most of it,8 weeks till i go full time