a beautiful summer day

My hammock was delivered today.....hooray! I have been wanting a hammock for years and finally got one. Tom hung it up in the back under the tress for me and I have been test driving it all afternoon. It is one of those wonderful summer days where the sun is shinning and the breeze is blowing and it isn't too hot....in fact it was a little cool in the shade, but you gotta love it.
this is my idea of bliss.....just rocking back and forth while the breeze blows and the birds chirp, the dog asleep underneath me....snoring. If only everyday were like this it would be heaven on earth. I imagine I will be spending alot of time in that hammock this summer. It is a wonderful place to contemplate life and meditate, which is something I need to do more of.
Things have been pretty good as of late, except the weather of course!!!! Tornados, thunderstoms and even earthquakes.....I think mother nature is pissed off big time and we had better hold onto our hats.
Number 1 daughter is coming home in 2 weeks with four of her friends and they along with hubby are going to see Rush in concert. I am trying to figure out where everyone is going to sleep......oh well they are university students I guess they can sleep anywhere and still function the next day!
Well I guess that's it for now....off to enjoy more summer bliss who knows how long it will last....