A Beautiful Mid-September Evening at Home

Hard to believe it's past the middle of September already! Time sure flies when you're having fun -- and even when you're NOT.Have had two sessions with the Physical Terrorists this week...and a third one scheduled for tomorrow afternoon. I am confident that what they do is going to help get my poor back whipped into shape, but I gotta tell you -- the first session on Tuesday was PURE HELL! I got poked, prodded, manipulated, shocked, and poked some more. The good news is, my spine is NOT out of alignment, but I've got to do some serious work on using my pelvic muscles NOW. Crazy how a week of nearly all bed rest and things start to go downhill.Anyway, that's what's been going on primarily since the beginning of the week. We are having absolutely gorgeous weather here in Maryland. The grass is growing like it's springtime and the air is cool and clear. The Man of My Dreams had to do the mowing for me again this week (I mow about 2 acres of lawn) and I have been working on painting my spring house and tack shed in fits and starts. This weekend, I will have to act as "straw boss" as we are going to close in one end of my run-in shed and do some erosion control stuff in that general area. This requires some digging and placing of railroad ties; then filling with dirt and then covering the whole area with about 6" of stone dust. It's a lot of work and I'm sorry I will just have to watch from the sidelines, but it's something which has needed doing for quite a long time. It will be great to have it finished before winter comes!Next Wednesday is the Man of My Dreams' birthday. We already have plans to go out for dinner that evening; I'm wracking my brain trying to think of the Perfect Gift! I'm sure I'll come up with something.I have really enjoyed the camraderie that DS provides. I hope that I have been able to comfort and support those who are going through bad times. It's good knowing that there is always someone out there when you need them....even if you've never met them! I pray for each and every member to find peace and happiness in their lives.kathi