I am stressed from this morning.  Yesterday I talked to my mom about the injustice from my dad and I felt better that she is not being treated unfairly.  It seems that I said something that made my mom very upset from my dad.  She was crying all night and she went to bed crying.  When I woke up this morning my mom came to me and told me that my dad is feeling very bad and that we need to help me and understand him.  WHAT! now we are at fault that my dad is upset?  What did we do?  Instead of him not hurting our feelings now we have to tend to his.  I was so infuriated with my mom this morning for suggesting that.  Instead of my my mom going to the therapist to seek help in her problem she took it upon herself that she is at fault and she needs to help my dad.  I asked her how did she know my dad even wants help from us.  Why did she think that he needs help from us.  She didn't know the answer to this question. She just wanted to "help" him.  She wanted that the three of us, my sister, me and herself to start helping him.  In what?  Did he ever ask for help from anyone of us? No never. He just complains and makes us feel bad that he is feeling bad.  Three days ago I went to the hospital because I had very bad acid reflux.  The doctor gave me an injection to ease the pain.  From that day he didn't even ask me how I was.  He comes to the house goes to his room and then goes to the kitchen to eat and he IGNORES me.  He IGNORES me.  What did I do?  Did my stomach upset him for some reason?
About 2 days later this is what he told me on the lunch table after my mom and I were discussing what eat and what not to eat.  He was like "ohhh you are making such a big deal out of it.  Are you the first one who gets acid reflux. Why do you have to make a big fuss out of it.  It is acid reflux disease.  You don't need to complain this much. I have been taking medication for acid reflux for 3 months now and no one knew about it."  How would I know that he was taking medication.  Did he ever tell me? No. I am supposed to predict that. And does that give him permission not to ask me about my stomach.  Since then he hasn't talked to me or asked me about my stomach.  I am fed up from this. I won't talk to him until he gets back to his senses.  If he ever will.