Low Dose Naltrexone continues to work as far as giving me energy and helping me feel a general sense of well being.  I have been extremely active cleaning house and doing water aerobics at least 3 times a week.  Amazing when I consider how much time I was spending laying down.  8 hours up and 16 down for several weeks.  As I have commented before I have been sick, really sick since Dec last year.  I may be over doing it because I started to have a flare yesterday afternoon.  Felt pretty good this AM.  Did water aerobics but could feel flare progressing.  Now, tonight, I am having more flare symptoms like the tingling in arms and legs.  I am pretty tired.  Eyes are bothering me and I feel a bit foggy.  The neat thing is that I was still able to function all day.  Usually this would put me down.  I even drove myself to get a haircut this afternoon.  We will see what happens tomorrow.  I will take it easy.  They claim that LDN can "normalize" the immune system for people with autoimmune diseases.  I will increase the dose tomorrow since I am only at 1 mg.  It would be so wonderful to not take prednisone this time.  I will if I have to though.