I found myself laying in bed after getting the boys off to sleep thinking about my Mom and I kept s aying to myself, think of a happy time, think of a happy time when we were all laughing and cracking up. and all I could think of are the nights when I went out with some friends for an early dinner and they were going to stay on at the restaurant for a drink and I said to my husband, I want to go see my Mom. Even tho I was with her during the day...and we would drive to her house and she'd have the tv on and say what are you doing here? but with the twinkle in her eye and smile. I would cuddle up and lay with her and stay in her arms. While it is  a happy thought, it was still when she was sick. How long will those continue to be in my mind. There are millions of other ones. I didn't go to bed hysterical, there were some tears...I don't know. My friends wife has been very sad since her mom passed 3 years ago. We talk alot but she gets depressed alot and could stay in bed for 3-4 days. She does her Mommy duties but like she tells me sometimes she just needs to be alone. Well, this past week she was in bed for a week and didn't even get up to see her daughter all dressed up for her prom. When her husband told me  I said why didn't you call me, that doesn't sound like something she woruld ever miss. Well, it turns out tha t she had bleeding in her brain that has stopped, howeverit happened about a week ago. Now she is in icu, they are running mri's and scans to see why it happened, rule out a possible tumor etc. Please keep her in her prayers for me. She is one person that I find it very easy to be with and talk about whatever I want whenever I want. I hope all of you have a blessed day, and thank you for being there for me!