haven't been online much lately. we have been having some pretty major work done on the house which is long overdue. i'm trying to do anything myself that i can without getting in the workers' way and trying to contain mom which is a job in itself. the first day when we started tearing out the old floors she was confused and wanted to know what the hell we were doing even though we had been talking about this for months. i thought we were going to have to carry her out on the couch like granny because she refused to move but she finally reliquished. after that first day she has really been pretty good about everything except asking 50 times a day what those men are doing in her house. i have had to nail a few doors shut here and there to try to reroute her. some days she was just determined to go where she couldn't go.  in my mind i made a game of it and that helped .  also the guys working here have been really great and patient with her.  today she woke up and said that the clothes in her drawers and closet were not her clothes which she does fairly often but today i couldn't convince her to get dressed so at this time she is still in her robe and slippers. i got 'the 36 hour day" off the shelf and was reminded not to force her to do anything as long as she is clean and safe, which is also what her doctors say. nuff said for now. bye