Wednesday, February 27, 2008

I'm so stressed out right now. My baby isn't even here yet and I'm already dealing with having to choose between the needs of one son or the other. I found out today we have orders to Ft. Sam Houston in San Antonio April 27-29. for my son Jarrett to see the Child Development team there. This waiting list is over 6 months long, we've been waiting 6 months and finally made it to the top. Just to bring everyone up to speed my son is High Functioning Autistic, but lately there has been some conterversey over his diganosis. They think the previous specialist made a mistake on his diganosis, and he needs to go through the whole evaluation process all over again. Anyways, I'm due April 15th. Which puts my baby at 12 days old at the time of this 5 hour trip to San Antonio. I dont even know how old babies are supposed to be before they are allowed to travel? Anyone have any idea? I'm praying he'll come early like his brother did, but even I know that not every pregnancy is the same and that for all I know he could even come late....I am even considering going through with the Amnio to test his lungs so I can induce early. I could let my DH and DS go alone, but this is a 3 day trip and DH has never been alone with my son for more than 1 night. Besides, I want to be there. I have never missed 1 Dr's Appt since the day he was born and I refuse to start now. What kind of message does that send my little boy? Sorry I love you but your new baby brother is more important than you are? NO WAY!