n ot sure im hAppy  with them.susannah came round today and I fell asleep even asking her when are we moving-then realised she didnt work at stats.dont want side FX .just as im getting my balanceand I am-I feel GOOD.also put some CDs in my bag by mistake and had to take them back ....$5 taxi.grrr. must be careful-can get arrested for doing this evenso must take care and pay attention.and typing goes to pot-sure sign somethings amiss.all is good....stalker my arse is all i can say....if someone is nice then pulls the old swittcheroo which is what Xdid to A and me well what do you expect esp as have no right of replyall you can do is wonder "Why"just have to go through the stages shock disbelie bargaining accptanceresignation. fuck me he's only a motheaten mangy old lion  and he can go to hell in his handbag-with his handbag for all I care...more or less.i am loyal beyond reason...stubborn.why waste perfectly good pearls on such as Kevin and X.No reason....just liked the way the X drug made me feel is all there is to addiction is potentbye