I am glad things have turned out as they have today.Glad I am back friends with X and B-hate fights especially at arms length now I can devote myself to my next goal-which is a double pronged one-to suss out the photography progs I ve got on this computer thingyand to get back to my painting. i am going to a free life drawing session on thursdayand may even take in a meeting this week too.I find AA a bit upmaking but hopefully there wont be anyone thrillingthere.such a lot of good ways to be bad, sadly! need to read the handbook for the Childcare Surveybut my concentration is at an alltime lowcould be meds, could be BP could be it just is too boring for meseem to have a high threshold of attention latelyso ....im happy and sunny today....lucky me.only 10 days till my next scheduled down so i have to put some structures in place to avertdisaster...18 July is D-Day-22nd so we'll seejust got to pray and keep dealing with the rolling stones as they bear down on me.I dont mind if X doesnt contact me-well Id rather he did of course but my sanity didnt require him, which is a good bit of progress for this Love Addict. enough is enough-next tidy place might have a wee puff to augment my mood,but can take it or leave it.yay for me!!!!!started BP Workbook and script, but will put them aside while I do the 2 things above till after the 22nd.focus and concentrate.