Quite possibly my last day of freedom.  Tomorrow morning I have an interview for the part time job.  If they don't hire me on the spot, I start at Panera tomorrow night.  Well, I have the "class" tomorrow night.  Then I start at Panera on wednesday.  I should be excited, and I was before I talked to the general manager of the store.  I probably won't be getting paid what the assistant manager offered me and I will be working full time instead of part time which the general manager bullied me into.  What have I gotten myself into?  idk.  Anyways, I ran 9 miles this morning.  Was going to try for 10, but at nine I was tired and my feet were hurting.  It is bitter cold and windy out there.  Then I took Sarah's Ipod to the Apple store to get it replaced.  It is under warrenty and wasn't working.  Since I was at the mall anyway, I bought a cup of coffee and walked around a bit.  I went into a candy store and didn't buy anything.  Yeah me!  Didn't even want to.  Good think since I picked up a couple of pounds over Thanksgiving.  Ran to the grocery and now, I need to get started on cookie baking. And get some work done on my pillow quilts.  I'm trying really hard not the think about tomorrow.  Just enjoy today.