Feeling a little better today.  In spite of the fact that there were no jobs for me to even apply to today.  And my hubby left his Blackberry for work here at the house.  And my daughter spilled hot coffee all over me and the car while she was getting out of it this morning.  And I almost hit a kid crossing against the light in front of the school.  And when I woke up this morning it was raining.  But on the good side, I get a break from resumes and cover letters.  My hubby wasn't mad about forgetting the Blackberry and me not being here to bring it to him.  And I survived the hot coffee spill which could have been much worse.  And I didn't hit the kid, I was able to stop in time.  And I ran 13 miles in 2 hours and 40 mintues.  The first 11 I did in 2 hours and 13 minutes, but the last two miles were a bit harder, winds picked up and now we have a "high wind' warning.  But I am still pretty pleased with my run.  I love the taper!  It was a lot cooler this morning.  Most of the run felt really good.  I am going to really try to be more positive today.  I'm looking for the silver linings.  I really need to, because we may end up having to sell the silver to pay our bills.  lol.  Okay, time for lunch.  I deserve it!