Kinda tired today.  Went to the march on washington on saturday.  We left at 10PM on Saturday night, got to DC around 8AM.  Then after the protest, we left around 8PM and got home around 6Am Sunday morning.  I was like a zombie all day Sunday.  lol.  I did sleep some on the bus, but it wasn't really good sleep.  Don't know if it will make a difference, but we have got to get these corrupt people out of Washington.   Anyways, ran 18 miles today, well walked some of it.  It is a bit warm out there today, and the sun seemed really hot.  I planned to do 20 miles, but all things considered I'm not unhappy with it.  I feel like I could go to bed now. lol.   Oh, and I gave my book to a friend to read.  She loved it!  She said she couldn't wait to get to it each day and see what was going to happen next.  My hubby actually pointed out something positive for a change.  He said the book doesn't have an expiration date.  If it doesn't get published this year, doesn't mean it never will.  Okay, so trying to be positive.  Now I need a nap.