I keep having problems with DS.  My page keeps freezing up.  UGH!  Anyway, hopefully I'll get through this.  Not a bad day overall.  Did my strength and core at the gym and a nice bike ride.  Didn't really feel like it, but did it anyway.  Really scared about all the crap going on in Washington.  I really wish there were someone there with some scruples.  We should fire all of them, but we won't cause we are naught but a bunch of sheep.  ARGH!!!  I'm so sick of it all.  Took Mandi to the ortho.  She gets her braces next month.  Another big expense, but what can you do?  So tired.  I need to make a broccoli salad tonight to take to the church for the family of Hubby's coworker who passed away suddenly.  Makes me feel a little better to do something.  Still doesn't seem fair.  43 is just too young.  I mean, I'm older than that.  Oh well.