Finally getting caught up here.  Friday was my daughter's 16th birthday.  She had a friend over for the night.  We made home made pizza, turned out pretty good.  Saturday I was supposed to finish my CPR training.  I had done the online part and printed out my written scores.  All I had left was to do the actually CPR on the dummy.  The instructer never showed up!  But they called yesterday, they are trying to reschedule.  Probably the end of May.  Oh well.  Saturday evening I took my daughter's girl scout troop to see The Columbus Crew (pro soccer team).  It was pretty fun, they tied.  Then we had a sleepover there at Crew stadium.  They had breakfast for us there and a skills lesson for the girls by three members of the crew.  I was so pooped when we got home.  I spent the rest of Sunday resting.  But then, I tried to contact my oldest son to tell him about some mail he got on Saturday that looked kind of important.  Somehow I had an old phone number programed into my phone, so I got a 'this number has been disconnected or is no longer in service".  Well, I panicked.  You see, my husband had sent him an e-mail saying basically, "we love you and we are proud of you, but you better find a job before you graduate because you are not living in our basement!"  I was so mad at my husband, i mean if we had lost our son because of what he said to him, I just don't think I could forgive that.  I sent my son an e-mail saying that I had some mail I needed to tell him about and that I had tried to get him on the phone and was worried.  I really didn't sleep at all Sunday night.  Monday morning, I checked my e-mail and had nothing from my son, but I had a very short, very curt one from a male friend, someone who has helped me through some really rough times, someone I have come to depend on for advice and just to talk to when things are falling apart around me.  Anyway this e-mail said he couldn't talk to me anymore, that his girl friend didnt' want him to have female friends.  Okay, I really needed that.  At that point I was crying about just everything.  I went out for a 5 mile run, crappy time, not really great run.  When I got back home, I did have a call from my son, whew!  He was fine, I got the phone problem solved.  Not sure why I had the wrong number programed in my phone, but my fault totally cause I was too dang lazy to look it up and depended on the speed dial, which i almost never do.  He was fine, he was looking for a job.  Not finding one, but looking and trying to get things finished before graduation.  I called hubby to tell him that everything was fine, and he was looking for a job, but not having any luck.  Then my hubby gave me a 10 minute diatribe about how he needs to be looking into the armed services and looking in Peterson's guide and on and on.  Good thing I wasn't there in person, I really felt like slapping him.  Anyway, feeling good after that, I called my friend to ask about the note he sent me.  He apologized and said he was sorry he had sent it, his girl friend is just trying to control who he is friends with and anyway.  We shall see on that one.  I am not sure I can trust him after this.   Anywho, I did strength and core work today.  I finally got my t shirt to make my Starting Line shirt, now I am headed out to get paint.  I am hoping for a simpler week from here on.  Marathon is on Sunday.