Really so cold today.  It has been snowing for a while, which oddly makes it feel a bit warmer.  I ran 3 miles at the gym this morning.  But now I'm not feeling well at all.  My side is hurting and my head hurts.   Wish I could just take a pain pill and go to bed, but I have a bunch to do.  Gotta get the laundry going, pick one daughter up from the movies and the other up from school.  Then I need to take her out selling girl scout cookies.  As nasty as the weather is today, it is supposed to get worse.  I think the high on Friday is supposed to be like 7.   My friend sent me a note this morning that he forgave me and of course he still wants to talk to me.  Haven't heard from him past that though.  Maybe he is just busy today.  Hope.  Moving up from horrible to bad because of this, but I still feel pretty much like crap. Update,Feeling a bit better after a nap.  And I never nap. lol.  Usually I can't, just can't get to sleep, but today I conked out pretty quickly.  Didn't get the laundry done however.  Working on that now.