No champaigne last night.  By midnight, I was not feeling well anyway.  I think these antibiotics are making me feel nauseous.  Oh well.  I am feeling better this morning.  So far, I haven't needed the Darvon, knock wood.  I have lost a couple of pounds, afraid it might be muscle though.  Oh well.  I know I need to not try to rush recovery.  There will be plenty of time to run when I am healed.  Oh, and my incision was itching this morning.  I think that is a good thing. I have made some New Years Goals, not resolutions, cause with resolutions if you make one mistake the whole thing is blown.  Goals if you get close, you still win.  I think. 1.  Lose 10 pounds.  I know some of you will say I don't need to, and maybe I don't.  But that is my goal.   2. Finish writing my second book and continue to try to sell my first. 3. Enter more writing competitions. 4. Run 2 more marathons.