Not much of a day.  Beautiful weather.  Went to the gym and then a half hour bike ride.  Applied for another job, sort of.  My computer wouldn't co operate, so I spent about an hour on the phone with a very nice gent in tech support.  When he finally got my computer working for me, I was ready to run off the Bermuda with him. lol.  As if he would want me.  Anyway, I still need to get my resume printed out and since hubby is home now, that will have to wait.  The printer is hooked up to his computer,  and he will be on it.  I really like the jobs that let you apply on line.  But oh well.  Have sent in (or am in the process of sending) for about 10 jobs so far.  We shall see.  I really wanted to get to the pool today, only two weeks left till it closes, but just didnt' work out.   Hubby and I were just talking last night at bed time, our youngest was off at a sleepover, no more bath times, no more bed times, no more lullabyes.  sigh.  Makes me a little sad.