Okay, so having a really crappy day today.  Brakes were misbehaving on hubbies car.  So this morning he took my car and I was supposed to take his car in to be worked on.  Well, he got worried about me driving a car with brakes that didn't work real well.  So he came home and when we got to the shop, the compresser in my car didn't turn off.  Then the car wouldn't start.  Soooo, we drove to hubby's work, he arranged for a ride home and I took my car to the shop.  Spent all flippin day at the shop.  Some kind of electrical problem, somehow related to work they had previously done, but not their fault.  The guy who did that work, doesn't work there anymore, ha ha, so I will have to pay 700 dollars to have them fix the problem that they caused!!!!!!  AAARRGGHHH!!!!!  And I have to go back on Tuesday to spend yet another lovely day with them!!!!  I would explain what is wrong exactly as the guy tried to explain it to me, but I don't speak bullcrap, so I can't translate it! Didn't get in my 5 mile run today and ate lunch at Skyline Chili, the healthiest place to eat in the vicinity.   On the good side, my daughter got home safe from girlscout camp.