I really feel like crap this morning.  I feel so tird, like I am on drugs or something.  I could fall aseep right here, and I just got up.  Really bad headache as well.  Supposed to do a 7 mile run this morning, but I don't know if I will make it or not.  Had a leftover donut for breakfast.  I know probably the worst thing I could do today, for so many reasons.  Just saw a typo in this, and don't know if I have the energy to fix it. lol.  You'll just have to read more closely to figure out if I did or not.  lol.  I am hoping once I get outside into the cool moring, I wil "perk up".  Of course, I thought that about the donut as well.   Update:  Well, I made it.  Okay, so I had to walk the last half mile.  Stilll pretty much feel like crap.  Headache is better.  Hubby is off work today, so we may go to the movies.  I still haven't seen Iron Man, and want to before it leaves the theaters.