Still so much to do.  I think one of my "spots" is a little infected, but not bad.  I bought a different antibiotic cream and put some peroxide on it.  Didn't bubble up too much, so I thing it isn't too bad.  Don't have time to do much more.  I think I could run today, but won't have time. AARRGGHHHH!!!!!  I cleaned a dog stain on the rug yesterday, made a clean spot and ended up having to clean the whole floor, with a spot cleaner!!!  I got 12 bags of mulch laid yesterday.  Ran out of mulch and am only about 2/3 done.  So I have to go out and buy more.  Have to get younger son to his graduation rehursal.  So much left to do.  I think I will reach a point where I am just going to have to say, "it's good enough!"