Well today I really showed how dumb I am.  The will thing went well.  We got everything worked out, made all the decisions we needed to.  We go back tomorrow to sign it.  Got my son to the airport, he is back safely at the dorm.  Then at one o'clock I went on my run.  I ran 14 miles and was feeling kinda tired.  So I ended it then.  When I got home, I showered and changed and then was not feeling well.  I felt faint and nauseous.  I was trying to fix dinner and had to keep taking breaks to lie down.  In between I drank some juice and ate a couple of pretzels and amazingly started to feel better.  Then i realized, I had a bowl of cereal for breakfast, a handful of dark chocolate M/M's, then a couple of crackers and a handful of peanuts for lunch.  Even with the protein bar I took to munch on on my walk, that isn't much calorie wise for that much exertion.  I am feeling better now, so I think I will be okay, and next long run, I will pay attention to what I am doing, even if I am busy and there are lots of people around the house!