Well, I feel a tiny bit better today.  Still hurting a bit, but not as sharp as it was last night.  I took 4 advil, as per my docs instructions.  Only thing I hate about that is if the pain comes back, I have to wait 8 hours to take anything else.  Feeling a bit tired still.  Stupid really, I did't do anything yesterday but sit on my fat butt.  Oh well, I did get on the scale this morning.  I figured I would have gained a bit, but still holding at 117.  I dare say I probably lost some muscle and gained fat.  Don't know though.  I am trying not to over eat, but get enough nutrition for healing.  I am making dinner for a woman at church who had surgery recently.  Other than making dinner for my own family, i am not planning to do anything else.  If I feel up to it, maybe go for a walk.  I just don't understand how on Friday I was feeling better and then yesterday feel so awful.  Hubby was talking about what I wanted for my birthday.  I didn't know how much to ask for, but what I really want, he said no problem.  I am getting a dayspa treatment.  You know message, facial, basically pampering.  It is something I wouldn't normally do for myself, never have.  But we got a coupon in the mail for a 40 dollar introductory message, so when you add the facial, not a bad price.  So I don't feel bad about it.