i have defintily been feeling much much better this past few weeks. this has so far been the worst year of my life, but i think its turning around. i lost it all earlier this year. my home, some friends, tension in family, work and school going all bad, and my boyfriend i loved so dearly leaving me. but its turning around now. there is still alot to work on. but i can honestly say, im the happiest i have been in a long time. im healing and mending myself and my life. little pieces at a time, and everyday, i feel a bit better. i still dont know where i will be even a few months from now. anything can happen. and my life changes everyday. but i am positive that its all eventually going to fall into place. as of now, im happy, and excited. thank you everyone on here who has always talked to me and been there for me! i love you guys all.