91/2 Weeks

Sitting here on a friday night 9.5 weeks after endonasal surgery feeling blessed but also wondering when my jaw are ever gonna quit hurting. I believe that I had either a dislocation or hyperextension of my jaws during surgery. The jaw pain and frontal headaches have been total hell. Not to mention the PTSD from a night in the PACU. I'm still seeing a counsellor for that. I have an appt next week for a TMJ exam. I am supposed to see the endocrinologist for an OGTT but I havent had the strength to make that phone call. 
Sometimes, I feel like never seeing another doctor ever again!!
Overall --- I think that I feel better but I still have some days where I feel like the tumor is still there. As in achy, foggy headed, sad and tearful. What a dreadful illness. To make matters worse, my sister is being a total ass at what may be my mom's last Mother's Day. She is dying of Stage 4 Carcinoid. I wish I could say she is living with it, but the cancer is beginning to get the best of her. She was diagnosed more than 2.5 years ago. My sister has chosen to make this worse with her drunken antics. Makes me sad.
On a brighter note looking forward to a grandbaby sleepover tomorrow. I have not been able to have them over since surgery for an overnight visit and I'm looking forward to it.