Hi All,  I haven't been on much, only because I needed rest and time to catch up on things.  Of course when I get caught up for a day or two that cycles starts again and I have more to catch up on.  That's the cycle of life with kids.  Now the kids are finished with school and I'm done working for the summer.  I look forward to the warm weather and relaxing.  My Dad is helping us with that idea.  He has offered to gift us money so we can get a patio installed.  It means a great deal to me that he would help us in that way.  I remember my Mom always wanted to sit in the warm sun.  Now that I have gone through the same thing as she did I understand that feeling.  I find great comfort in the warm sun.  Maybe it's God and my Mom "shining down" on me.   Health wise, I did finish chemo April 27th and began radiation on May 20th.  This Friday I will be at the half way mark.  I have tolerated this treatment much better than chemo, as many of you have told me.  My skin is just starting to brown and it's a little uncomfortable in a bra.  Now that I'm off work, it makes it easier to be without a bra.  My energy is coming back and so is my focus.  I still find it somewhat difficult to stay on task.  I'm accepting the fact that when I can't focus and I am tired, I just need to rest.  I can't keep up with all that I used to, but that's okay.  Getting myself healthy is what I need to do. I thank all of you for being here and I hope that stay in better contact.  I wish you all a blessed summer.  Chris