May 31, 2011 I began taking Enbrel.  The Enbrel comes in injections in something
like an epi pen that people take for allergic reactions.  My mom took me to the pharmacy to pick up the
medicine.  She hands me this big, padded
white bag with an ice pack inside to keep the medicine cold.  They gave me a month worth of injections and
off to the Dermo I went.  The nurse gave
me instructions on how to do the injections myself.  I was so scared though.  I am thanking God that I cant see the
needle.  She push the head of the pin
against my stomach and I feel absolutely nothing.  I only knew it was going into my body because
I would see the medicine moving out through the little clear window.  The pen clicks and she pulls it away.  Maybe this wont be so bad. 

Tonight I am nervous and anxious.  I admit that all the side effects have me
really scared about my health.  I want
this medicine to work so badly.  I pray
it does and I pray it doesnt make me worst off.  I want my armpits to stop hurting, my pubes
to shrink, and the leaking to stop.  God
has no limitations so I have to keep the faith.