9 months sober

feeling good today ive gone back to a old gym i used to go to and im doing alot of running im currently doing 10k im planning to do a humber bridge half marathon june 2009 then all been well do the london marathon in 2010 i did the half marathon in 1999 and i promised myself that when i finished i would have a drink lol half hour after the run i was drinking larger madness but thats us i never ran again after that so its good to be back doing what i love and i actually dont think of drink when running just happines and to be honest im thinking am i going to complete this run but again us alcoholics hate to give in, 9 months sober tomorrow wowbut as i always say it doesant matter how much sobriety you have its the person who got up the earliest who is the most sober just for today :0)love to you all xx