I really hate getting dizzy with every move I make.  I did get the chance this morning to meet with the MS Society here in town.  They are two blocks from my house, but they are moving.  She was impressed by the knowledge that I have acquired in the short time that I had to learn about my condition.  I do have plans upon plans, but nothing can happen for a little while and I think that is frustrating me the most.  I am in mood swing mode.  Sometimes I am fine, and sometimes I am angry.  With my body turning against me, that makes me quite angry.  I need to let this go, attitude is everything as far as health is concerned.  I look upon life as divided in to three parts, mind, body and soul.  One can affect another.  I theorize that this is how this whole mess got started, but medicne would disagree with me.  It is just corny, don't worry, be happy.