9-11-10 First day back to work as a non smoker

Here I am back at the airport... Just like old times.. But I'm in a smaller uniform size 4 since I last worked and I am a non smoker. I brought some heathy food with me apples, walnuts, almonds, 2 salads, some saltines, and some sugar free candy.
I am doing better today than I was last night packing.
I have a lot of relaxation cd's to listen to and some exercise clothes since that is my favorite outlet of stress!!!
I dropped my son Sam off at his friends house till Tuesday since I'm working a 4 day trip. I think today is just 1 Flt to Calgary. I will get back into the swing of things!!!
I'm going take a nap on the flight to Houston...have to fly to Houston to start work.. I got up at about 8am this morning to go to a pilates class. That helped wake me up some .. And curbed my anxiety!!