9/10/2010 25 days smoke -free

Needed to catch up on sleep,which I did. Missed  my morning exercise class but I will go this afternoon. Been much more tired lately even with lots of exercise and vitamins.
Have to try not to think about my friend today who went back to drinking, she said she is happier now more than ever! Oh well!! I can't control people!!! It hurts.. just cause I thought we were on the same path of recovery.
Have to pack today to go to work tomorrow, I think I go to Calgary Canada, Sacramento Cal and I don't know where else i go..
I better get ready to go to my noon AA meeting! SOOO Happy to have 25 days smoke free!!!Thats a blessing!!



Congratulations about being smoke-free for so long!!!
Sorry about your friend. Maybe she will come back to your way of life.
Good luck with your job!!