Well it is funny I wanted to let you all know what my Doc has told me.  I was talking to him and he asked what kind of birth control I wanted to be on.  I thought that he was going crazy or that this man just has not been paying any attention to me these last nine months or he would know that that is something that I am not in need of.  He then begins to tell me of the many women that come to him almost weekly who have had the same thing and had babies and after the six week check up come back to him complaining of not feeling well and diff things.  he states that many of these women end up prego on their own because of the way the body is familiar with this and it just happens.  Some this happens right away and other years down the road.  I hope one day not really soon this would happen again for me but I am grateful for the blessing God has given me and will be happy if this is all he wants me to have.  Just thought I would let you in on that.