I can not believe that it has been 10  weeks since my little baby girl came into this world. which by the way she is not so little any more.  she is now 12 pounds almost 13.  lets just say she likes to eat.  she is amazing and she is learning new things every day.  the Doc thinks that she will be cutting teeth soon because of the way she is chewing on everthing.  she loves to laugh and splash in her bath tube.  she is not the most calmest baby she is always moving her arms and hitting herself in the face.  she is also trying to suck her thumb with no luck and this makes her mad.  I hope soon she will gain control and get a lillte calmer with this.  I will try to upload photos but my nephew has to help me with that one.  I am galde to see that most everyone is doing well and I hope to read more soon.  Again I will continue to keep you all in my thought and prayers. PS Please keep me in you prayers as I am going back to work and this is the hardest thing that I think I will ever have to do.  I am having a lot of anxiety over this even though my mother and my and mother-inlaw will be watching her it is still killing me to know that I will be missing out on 8 hours of her day which  I have to say where the greatest times for me and her.  I pray that we hit the lotto soon and I can stay at home and then have more babies which i want.                       Love you all.