I am hurting so bad this week, my daughter has disassociated from me, I gave become the enemy. I have become the CAUSE of everything bad in her life, instead of the person who stood by and plugged along thru the shit. I went to that dark place yesterday, where I wanted to drink away the pain and make HER be the cause for my relapse. I had that thought. I am over it. I am going to live and let live. We should be apart right now, she and I. It's actually a good thing
I got up and shared a pot of coffee with my husband as we tackled the bills, the taxes, the rental house, the budget, and financing a new furnace and air-conditioner, all in one morning!!! I had to get up and pace a little bit a couple times, from the stress, but I also ate some turkey for protein, and a blueberry pudding cup (it's a new flavor, it's PURPLE!!! so pretty!) We sat at the table for 5 hours together, without realizing it. When he saw what time it was, he said, holy crap, we didn't get in ONE ARGUMENT that whole time!! He said, you know, before, we would've been drinking beer and throwing stuff across the room by now! I said, I KNOWWWW!!! We are rockin' the Recovery, man! Very happy and relieved to have that done... even though we had to pay all those stupid real-estate taxes... I am missing the nice Escrow account we used to have that took care of all those pesky taxes...



I think family issues has to be the top trigger for all of us. I went thru an issue with my son a couple of days ago. Before I would have definitely drunk over it. Is so GREAT to get thru it without drinking...hugs and CONGRATULATIONS to YOU!!! You have to be feeling wonderful. Best Donna